Tillandsia mirabilis
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Tillandsia mirabilis

Walter Till 12/13
Peter Tristram 03/16
Len Colgan 04/16 habitat

Renate Ehlers ... "This photo sent by Walter Till of the T. mirabilis which he got from me this autumn, flowering at the moment.
The colour is not like in summertime, but it is a nice plant!"
Peter Tristram ... "The big, Mexican, cliff-dwelling Tillandsias are a wonderful bunch of giants that are relatively easy to grow and make stunning, long-lasting spectacles as they go through the blooming process. Various species get featured in our Till discussion group from time-to-time by the few of us that have mature specimens. Most, but not all, have come from German collections via Len and me, but Birdrock Tropicals has supplied some beauties too. I donít think this baby, the gorgeous T. mirabilis, has featured before. I first saw this species in bloom at Lydiaís, then, later, at Andreasís. I got this plant as a tiny pup in 2006 from Lotte and it is the smallest of my old specimens so the bigíuns will really put on a show. Unfortunately it isnít a plentiful adventitious pupper, like pamelae or grandis are but a ferw are better than none! Iíll post some more pics when the flowers appear. Len will have some habitat pics too that he might like to share."
Len Colgan ... "Your wish is my command.
Please find attached a picture of T. mirabilis in habitat. It is part of my presentation on "The Large Cliff-dwelling Tillandsias of Mexico - A Dedication to Jurgen Lautner".
I am interested to see the other ones from this group that you say are coming into bloom."

Updated 11/03/17