Tillandsia marconae
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Tillandsia marconae
Derek Butcher ... "There is possibly two forms of marconae in Australia. The first imported from Walter Till by Len Colgan appears to clump prolifically but never(?) flower. The second, more recent import, flowered more reliably. It is not known if the pictured plant is derived from the first import or second."
Derek Butcher 01/07
Bruce Dunstan 10/18
Bruce Dunstan ... "First flowering for me. Lovely fragrance and what is a very tough plant. Morning sun till lunchtime then shade although Iím sure it would be just as happy in all day full sun."
Derek Butcher ... "To think I had to use the apple in the bag trick to nudge my plant."
Pam Butler ... "Are there 2 different forms? I was told there are and the second one I bought flowered easily and the first large clump is yet to flower."
Peter Tristram ... "Yes, 2 clones to my knowledge, the one that rarely if ever blooms that most collectors have and the more recently introduced clone from Walter Till that blooms quite regularly. I obtained the reluctant clone, which clumps like crazy, from Len Colgan and havenít parted with much of the Vienna BG clone to date. Iím not sure which clone Bruceís is or where he obtained it. Maybe there are more clones in Australia than Iím aware of."

Updated 07/02/19