Tillandsia lydiae
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Tillandsia lydiae
Possibly NOT in Australia now. Plant plus inflorescence approx 15cm.
Photo Bob Reilly. Imported from Germany, but died.
Peter Tristram 02/13.
Len Colgan, speaking of husband/wife plant names....
"Gerhard Koehres is a cactus seed collector and retailer, sharing a nursery with his wife Lydia who is the tillandsia guru. Again, a visit to their place is amazing, as a few members on this list can attest. They undertook a number of joint trips, mainly to Mexico and Guatemala, but also to other Central American and South American countries. In 1990, Renate named and described T. koehresiana (found by them in Bolivia) after the pair, and later honoured Lydia alone with T. lydiae (from Mexico) in 2000. I find both of these species tricky to grow, despite their hardy appearances. There will not be "T. gerhardii", as his interests are decidedly with cacti."

Updated 02/06/13