Tillandsia lorentziana
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Tillandsia lorentziana
Ken Woods 10/04.
Ray Clark 12/16. Photo Ian Cook.

Tillandsia lorentziana
Blue flower.
Ken Woods 12/05.
Ken Woods 11/09.
Tillandsia lorentziana
Green bracts
Ken Woods 08/04.

Tillandsia lorentziana
Red bracts.
Ken Woods 08/04.

Tillandsia lorentziana aff.
Ken Woods. Previously listed as cardenasii but probably a lorentziana form.
Ken Woods. Another form of lorentziana, 12/06.

Tillandsia lorentziana Giant form
Ken Woods 11/09. Ex Len Colgan. Leaf 50cm, flower 20cm to 1st branch + 30cm.
Comparison with normal size.

Peter Tristram. 03/12
Mark Supple 12/03, ex-Ross Little form 1.
Mark Supple 12/03, ex-Len Colgan type 14.
Peter Tristram 03/12 - "I got this pure white leafed T. lorentziana from Lotte and what a great form. It is quite large, but more compact and xeric looking. Best of all it seems to be a good grower."
"The plant originated from Burle-Marx and to Lotte via Renate, so very likely Brazilian."
Lotte's records - "Sep.97, 164, T. lorentziana, Burle-Marx 1982 - R.Ehlers, Bahia, Bras."
Len Colgan - "Yes. It is my very very best form of T. lorentziana that came from Renate. As the original was given to her by Burle-Marx, she was quite emotional about it. I reckon I have given away two offsets to members over the years. The leaves are pure white, and the inflorescence a bit different to the more common forms from other countries outside Brasil."
Derek Butcher - "Its photo is on the Tillandsia DVD. It seems this clone has whiter leaves (and more virginal) under Adelaide conditions."
Chris Larson - "Even within a small area of Argentina the size & spikes on lorentziana are varied. One that I collected at the type locality of T. peiranoi was small enough to mistake for T. zecheri. Even in culture it is around 6 to 8 in spike."

Updated 10/12/16