Tillandsia limonensis
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Tillandsia limonensis
Chris Larson 03/13.
Chris Larson. Comparison with patula.
Peter Tristram 03/13.
Chris Larson ... "This is a very recent import from Birdrock. It is on the pot solely as a prop the plant was in a tray immediately prior to the photo.
This is one of Rauhs Ecuadorian vrieseas or if you follow Grant it is a tillandsia. To me many of these species look so close. But Id still like one of each!!!
To me it doesnt appear to have the polystichous nature of limonensis & is closer to patula. But as I am not too familiar with this group, Id like some comments."
Peter Tristram ... "This is what Jeffrey calls the multibranched Vr(T) limonensis though this species is usually multibranched, as in the dvd description and images. Vegetatively the plants look like T barthlottii, nothing like the larger, leathery-leafed, higher altitude patula and seem pretty easy to grow too. I think it is correctly idd and Id say by HEL and I also think the scape (flower stem) can vary greatly in length. Chris, compare it to Jeffs patula in Q it is probably the best match for it we have obtained yet, but collected in central Peru. Maybe Jeff will get TV pereziana, which it is close to, while he is in Colombia. I only have this pic of some nearing maturity. He grew them all from seed he collected in Ecuador along with some other pretty neat species."
Chris Larson ... "Here is a comparison of the limonensis & patula. They looked a lot more similar when the flowers were out! But as you said, the foliage is a lot heavier on the patula & the branching is different."
Peter Tristram 01/13.
Peter Tristram 12/13.
Adam Bodzioch 05/19

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