Was Tillandsia laxissima
Now Barfussia laxissima
(See DD02/17: for all new (DNA resolved) species & Cultivars.)
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Barfussia laxissima
Peter Tristram 01/14.
Peter Tristram..."Not long ago my sole remaining pup of a form of T. laxissima, that Harry Luther gave me in 1988 at Selby, bloomed again.
It is a small grower compared to my other forms (probably var moorei and probably deserving of species status, but rarely blooms).
It is fragrant, like wagneriana and platyrhachis but also self-pollinates, unusual for plants in the prospective Rothowia genus (name pending).
Last time I bloomed this form I missed the seed which was kaput by the time I found out, but I am happy to share it later in the year. Another interesting plant in this group currently coming into bloom is a form of wagneriana that Jeff Kent collected in Ecuador as opposed to Peru."

Updated 24/03/17