Tillandsia jucunda
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Tillandsia jucunda
Ken Woods 06/09
Ken Woods 03/10
Ian Hook 09/05
Andrew Flower 09/15 (See T. Aussie Gold notes)
Andrew Flower 10/18 cf jucunda, Argentina
Andrew Flower 2015
Andrew Flower tenuifolia collected in Reyes
Andrew Flower ... "Nice one flowering here for the first time - from seed collected in 2001 alongside Highway 9 north of Salta. Early flowering seedlings from this pod looked like Tillandsia jucunda, but they have turned out to be pretty variable and I suspect there is a mixing of T. jucunda and nearby T. ixioides going on here! Or some other species I don't know about...
This tillandsia has a much more compact inflorescence that "normal" T. jucunda, and certainly does not smell anything like jasminum (per the DVD!) - in fact doesn't smell at all so far as I can tell."
Chris Larson ... "Nice photo Andrew. It may just be an example of the theory that it is a natural hybrid at least I thought I read that somewhere."
Andrew Flower ... "Thanks, you probably did read it somewhere - maybe: "...My own observaton is that T. jucunda Castellanos is a putative hybrid between the sympatric T. ixioides and T. tenuifolia." (Isley, Paul T. III, Tillandsia, Botanical Press, Gardena, California, 1987. p. 180)
Probably is some sort of hybrid swarm, see attached image of another from this seed pod that flowered in 2015. (note different leaf colour - they were photographed in the same natural light situation in the shadehouse.)"
Derek Butcher ... "Which raises further issues. Was Isley talking about the white petalled tenuifolia or the blue. Blue mixed with yellow gives green and we do have a green petalled variety."
Andrew Flower ... "Derek:
1. You would have to ask Mr Isley what he was thinking about - petal colour did not feature in his discussion I referred to.
2. The accompanying picture of T. jucunda on page 180 of his book has yellow petals, and an inflorescence very similar to my AB872087-5575.
3. The seedlings from pods of T. tenuifolia I collected further up the road in Reyes that have flowered to date all have whites flowers. Which of course does not exclude the possibility of a blue flowered T. tenuifolia lurking in NW Argentina.
4. I tend to associate the blue flowered T. tenuifolias over here as originating from our early imports from Brazil."
Ed. ... "See also T. Aussie Gold on this site."

Tillandsia jucunda var. viridiflora
(Note: now reclassified as ixioides var. viridiflora)

Ken Woods 08/04 as jucunda v. viridiflora

Updated 03/02/19