Tillandsia jonesii
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Tillandsia jonesii
Peter Tristram 07/11 from Tropiflora
Peter Tristram 08/17
Nanette Collingwood 08/16
T. jonesii, Chris Larson 07/11.

Rob Bower 07/18
Peter Tristram ... "Winter is often blooming time for eastern Sth American species in the Anoplophytum subgenus and gardneri complex.
T. jonesii (Itís named after SeŮor Jones who didnít appear to be an Englishman, so try ho-ness-ee-aye or ho-ness-ee-ee) comes from southern Brazil.
Only described in 1994 and although no differential is in the description, looks very closely related to aeranthos, winkleri, etc. Itís an easy one to grow, blooming regularly and clumping quickly.
Chester Skotak visited SeŮor Jones years ago and now has massive clumps of this Till at his nursery in Costa Rica, the likes I've never seen anywhere else. Iíd love to see them in bloom! I also saw it in Germany, at Tropiflora and at BRT. It selfs too, for those interested."

Updated 05/09/18