Tillandsia hirta
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Tillandsia hirta
See DI02/14: A Key to Tillandsia subgroup diaphoranthema.

Stephen Haines 11/13 (small form)
Steve Morgan 11/14, as hirta. Later determined to be T. virescens
Derek Butcher.
Stephen Morgan 11/14.
George Nieuwenhover 11/14.
Chris Larson 11/14.
Derek Butcher 16/11/14 ... "I did have the 'true' hirta from Lotte but it is difficult to grow in Adelaide and is no more! So the photos I have are all the more valuable to me. When Walter sent me a whole swag of T. virescens and capillaris in 1994 I thought I had the full range! Mind you when they flowered I found it hard to distinguish which species was which following Walter's drawings. So the really truncate version from Heidelberg has me intrigued. I see that you have photos of this in TAXON under T. virescens but the floral bract is rounded and suggests capillaris.. Is it a T. virescens ? If so which group does it belong to? I cannot tell from the photos I have from the two Steves!
You link it with a T. capillaris that you have. I am getting confused as an ancient fellow!
So can any of the two Steves or Peter Tristram decide if it is a virescens or a capillaris and we can put 'Heidelberg' on the label so we know what plant we are talking about."
Stephen Morgan 16/11/14 ... "I have attached a photo of the real T. hirta (just taken). I think my previous plant is T. capillaris.Have looked in the book, World of Tillandsias by Jan Maruska, page 12. This plant looks a close match. The flower on my plant seems to be more exerted, this is assuming the ID in the book is correct! Thoughts any one?"
George Nieuwenhover 16/11/14 ... "Hi Derek, I have a plant in my collection (see attached photo ) which I am sure came from you it has T. hirta on the label with the number 984 on the back it says LH 11/06 LH no doubt stands for Lieselotte Hromradick (spelling?) is this the missing or extinct hirta you are referring to ?
Chris Larson 20/11/14 .... "My T. hirta label reads - '#7296 LH, 1500m, km 12 nord | Potrerillos, Mendoza, Argentina' "

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