Tillandsia hildae
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Tillandsia hildae
Eric Beltrame. "Bought from Tony Lea some 25 years ago. Many pups, but this is the first flowering."
Sharon Lee 05/16. Bought in Rockhampton.
Eric Beltrame 01/09.
Eric Beltrame 02/10.
Note from Eric Beltrame : "I have since picked what seed there was, swaped some and planted the rest. I got around 700 seeds but not all the ones I planted germinated. Sending you photos of some that have germinated on coconut husks.
They took approx 10 days to germinate, some a bit longer. I haven't lost any to fungus and as you can see by the images what germinated are doing very well.
I have left the one pup the mother produced to see how long it would take for the pup to flower because as you know when you take off a pup it tends to set it back for awhile. At the moment the pup is about half size standing about 15 inches tall and the mother has started to throw another pup at the moment only one and a half inches high but the exciting news is the half grown pup has produced 5 pups of it's own. These are around 3 inches tall now and very thick and healthy. I thought that the pup might have been dying in the heart but it is perfectly healthy.

Dave Weston 03/16. photo Lynn Hudson
Peter Tristram 03/16
Peter Tristram 03/16 ... "There are many forms of hildae ! The one in bloom is from my original plant that was imported in the 80s from WKs (ex KK no doubt) not easy to photograph where it is and roots are firmly bound to the mesh. Bruce did wonders with this clone too, feeding mega-doses of nutrients with mega response! The white form came from KK about 10 years ago and is so damned slow irrespective of fertiliser. Of course, we have no idea of where KK collected these forms, whether different localities of from the same area and what altitude.
The species sure suits the tropics, as Lynns pic above shows. I cannot grow it well outside here, especially in winter cold and or prolonged wet are an issue. I reckon Bruce could grow it from seed to bloom in 5 years. Andrew! Keep plants very warm and well fed, in bright light!"

Updated 12/03/17