Tillandsia heubergeri
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Tillandsia heubergeri
Peter Tristram 08/11*
Peter Tristram 08/13**
"type" from Lotte. - - - from Holm.
* 08/11 "A few years back I introduced T. heubergeri, from Lotte in Austria. I have 2 forms and the 2nd bloomed, along with T. brachyphylla, recently. It is more compact and larger than the first and nowhere near as quick to bloom. I suppose it won’t pup much either. Anyway it’s very pretty and a nice addition to the ‘little red Brazilians’.
** 08/13 "They mostly seem to prefer bright, indirect light and frequent watering in hot dry weather otherwise hardy. Not unusual I suppose coming from eastern Brazil.
I am blooming a few forms of T. heubergeri including the triplets that were imported from Holm as T. roseiflora (on right) but, because of the single flowers and their slightly violet colour, are more likely T. heubergeri. The other form shown here (on left), is the type and comes from Lotte. I have another, free-pupping form from Lotte that is more like the Holm plants that some Nutters now have. This species is very sparsely widespread west of the coast, from Chapada Diamantina in Bahia down almost to Teresopolis north-west of Rio where T. roseiflora occurs. I am leaning towards thinking that all of these little gems morph across the ranges of habitats or what’s left of them. This is the first time I have bloomed multiple clones of this species so I sure hope for plenty of seed. At least some forms also produce many small aventitious-like pups too which certainly grow quickly in warm humid weather.

Updated 03/02/14