Tillandsia harmsiana
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Tillandsia harmsiana
Previously classified as Vriesea.
Peter Tristram 04/11. (70cm tall, fb 25-35mm)
Peter Tristram 06/14.
Peter Tristram ... "I obtained this specimen, as a small pup, from Lotte Hromadnik on my visit to Europe in 2011. Always after TVs, I spied the mother plant in a fruit tree with an old spike so she sold me a pup, suggesting it could be TV harmsiana. There was an appenii mother too, which is budding as well but the much rarer petrea will be a while before it blooms. I am pretty sure she was correct with harmsiana>/I>, making this the third clone of this species that I have with the other two already posted over the years. Both this one and the one that was collected at Llacanora, near Cajamarca in 2003, have the purple flowers and interesting burgundy coloured floral bracts so they are potentially from the same location. I think the plant came from near Cajamarca in Peru but I have emailed Lotte for her data as itís not on the list I have."
Updated 27/09/14