was Tillandsia hamaleana
now Racinaea hamaleana

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Racinaea hamaleana
Ian Hook Sydney 08/05.
Peter Tristram 11/11.
Peter Tristram... "from Kentís. I have also seen hamaleana with noticeable spotting on the leaves but it is not an easy plant to import."

Len Colgan 11/11. Habitat.
Bruce Dunstan 11/11.
Len Colgan....."I found these growing naturally (not in a nursery) in Ecuador. There were also some plants nearby of this same species but with reddish leaves in more sun."
Bruce Dunstan...."This one was growing at Finca Dracula near Cerro Punta, Chiriqui Province, Panama above 2000m."

Peter Tristram 01/14
Peter Tristram....."The lovely T. hamaleana has never smelt like this clone I obtained from Jeff Kent in 2012 (as his giant form). It is my largest form too, well over 30cm across, but the flowers are smaller and paler than my other forms but oh so deliciously fragrant Ė interesting! Pity the others finished blooming a month or more ago (cloes-up pic of one I purchased from Jeff 30 yrs ago). Although I am growing them quite bright there are no signs of spots like on forms I have seen in Europe (all died in Q though)."

Updated 05/02/17