Tillandsia guatemalensis
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Tillandsia guatemalensis
Ken Woods.
Derek Butcher.

*Warning. Chris Larson has pointed out that the first 2 photographs above may not be within the parameters of guatemalensis. If not, then uncertain what it is.
Derek Butcher suspects that it is within the boundaries of guatemalensis.
Peter Tristram suspects it could be Vr. elata or elata x zamorensis.
Chris Larson agrees with Peter's suspicions because the description of guatemalensis is "Primary bracts lanceolate to broadly ovate with attenuate green blades, red, the lower ones about equaling the axillary branches, the upper ones much shorter;"
The final concensus seems to be that we need a better photo of the flowers close up, and even then there will be arguments as to how broad is the variation within a species. At the extremes the descriptions seem to overlap !

Updated 22/02/09