Tillandsia grazielae
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Tillandsia grazielae
Photo Nina Rehak. 08/11
Chris Larson 11/16
Photos given to Peter Tristram...
"Red Flowered Rarity.
At the NSW Soc show a week or so ago, Jaka and Nina Rehak gave me some photos of a T. grazielae they recently bloomed. It was one from about 1988 when Tropiflora sold some and I was lucky enough to be there at the right time. Jaka & Nina have treasured these grazielaes for over 20 years, growing them superbly with occasional bloomings. Mine have since died, usually after flowering, but I do know of at least one person with a couple still going OK, apart from Nina and Jaka.
For those of you unfamiliar with Nina and Yaka, they are wonderful people and equally wonderful growers, from the southern edge of Sydney, overlooking Port Hacking. It seems the sheltered southerly exposure, with mild temperatures, suits this species. They always have an eye for something special!"

Ed... To find out more about Graziela Barroso, follow the link on FCBS / T.grazielae to a lovely testimonial to her.
It is a wonderful coincidence that 'Graziela' should continue flowering for Nina, a kindred spirit.

Updated 25/03/17