Tillandsia graomogolensis
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Tillandsia graomogolensis
Species, was T. kurt-horstii.
Fragrant and fairly rare.
Ken Woods 01/09.
Bruce Dunstan 11/13.
Chris Larson ... "Hi Bruce. Your graomogolensis from me, is an ex-Isley form. It should be scented.
The silvery foliage on this plant is very nice & forms a nice clump quite quickly. (This used to be mis-labelled T. kurt-horstii & still is in some areas)."

Bob Hudson 08/15
Derek Butcher ... "I also imported this as T. kurt-horstii in 1991, so this name could be on labels. It was not until 1999 that Walter Till decided it was really T. graomogolensis which had been considered by Lyman Smith as a T. streptocarpa. Grao Mogol is a national park in Minas Gerais, Brazil."

Updated 10/12/16