Tillandsia glauca
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Tillandsia glauca

Derek Butcher 08/16. Photo Ian Cook.
Derek Butcher 02/18.
Derek Butcher 05/18.
Derek Butcher 08/16 ... "I just had Ian Cook call round complete with camera. I didn't realise I had so many Tills in flower but one had him stumped as per enclosed. I said it was T. glauca I had got in 1988 from Karel Knize. Ian said " But it hasn't flowered yet!" and I said "Patience!". I hope I have not put him off Tillandsias because even 28 years is a long time to try to prove Knize right."
Derek Butcher 02/18 ... "I imported this plant in 1984 under KK 2558.
My greatest thrills in the 1990's were to flower these imports and get out my Smith & Downs to check the name. It also meant teaching myself botanical Latin. A Tillandsia grower must have patience and this February saw a stirring that had taken 34 years. Just in case you don't believe me I attach a photo.
If the name is incorrect I have left it a bit too late to complain to Karel. But then I have never complained to Karel over the years about wrong names. I just enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you work out a correct name."

Updated 30/05/18