Tillandsia geminiflora
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Tillandsia geminiflora
Ken Woods 06/04
Terry Davis 04/10
Greg Jones 09/17
Greg Jones ... "This is a form of geminiflora that, if I remember correctly, came from Bob Hudson. Not much colour but quite large and grows and flowers well on the Sunshine Coast."
Chris Larson 08/17
Isley - - Isley - - Brazil seed
Rob Bower 09/17
Chris Larson ... "Back a number of years ago I got some seed from another Till nut who came back from Brazil with the seed of a T. geminiflora which was supposed to be huge he collected it personally. This is the first flowering for the seedlings this year. It is hard to know whether the size is related to culture, or if it takes the second generation to reach full potential which is the case in some tillandsias.
Also another T. geminiflora ex-Isley. Usually I have 2 different forms amongst these plants, but this year it is only one form."
Rob Bower ... "A pretty standard version but lovely. If you look closely you can see that the ants like it too."

Peter Tristram 10/18
Peter Tristram ... "This is a very red form of T. geminiflora that was grown from seed collected in Minas Gerais, Brazil by a Sydney-sider. He said it was distinctive and I agree. Like most bromeliad species, variety is...
So many forms!"

Updated 07/02/19