Tillandsia funckiana
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Tillandsia funckiana
Species Venezuela.
Ian Hook, Sydney 05/04, BSA show entry.
Laurie Mountford, Ballina.
Ken Woods 05/05.
Ian Hook, 10/07.
Bruce Dunstan, 01/12.
Bruce Dunstan 09/15, Colombia
Bob Hudson 09/15 as 'Marron'

Bruce Dunstan ... "We saw this plant being cultivated in Zapotoca, Santander, Colombia. Different to other clones I have from other sources."
Bob Hudson ... "I just wonder how many T. funckiana there are as I have psssibly 10 different looking forms. Peter T gave me a few more. The flowers are much the same color exept the one i have labled 'Marron' which is a darker Red."

Bob Hudson 10/17
George Nieuwenhoven 10/17
Rob Bower 10/17

Peter Tristram ... "What a terrific form of funckiana Bob. You have motivated me to mount up my various forms too and grow some specimen clumps high up in bright light but always under plastic here."
Rob Bower ... "Hello Bob - heres a snap of my form - more slender than yours."

Tillandsia funckiana var. recurvifolia
Bruce Dunstan, 01/12.
Peter Tristram, 01/12.
Bruce Dunstan..."I photographed this plant at Rainforest Flora and thought it may be a form of funckiana at the time. It certainly is very attractive in it's growth habit."
Peter Tristram..."Itís funckiana v. recurvifolia. I have a few forms incl. one just like in your pic. Attached is a form Iíve had for many years and it recurves like crazy when mounted."
Steve Molnar 06/17

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