Tillandsia friesii
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Tillandsia friesii
Ken Woods 08/04.
Ian Hook 07/05.
George Nieuwenhoven 10/14
Justin Lee 10/19
George Nieuwenhoven ... "It’s been a long time between flowering for this lovely species, a painfully slow grower at least here in Adelaide, but on the upside it puts up with our hot summers without complaint, it is the tank tillandsia’s we have to nurse along, still it is a challenge worth meeting if you are a proper Tillnut."
Chris Larson ... "The thing with T. friesii – it came from one of the most inhospitable habitats where I’ve seen tilllandsias. 16 years ago I climbed up on moving stones to the cliff face where it grew – the stones were pretty much like climbing on tailings around a mine. It looked like the cliff in the picture on the front cover of the BSI journal from the 90’s. When I pulled it from the cliff – the dirt came away with it. The cliff was made of mainly 3-4” diameter stones in dirt – so it had obviously not rained there in recent times or the cliff would have washed away. Hot & dry – just like Adelaide."
Updated 01/12/19