Tillandsia foliosa
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Tillandsia foliosa
Ken Woods, Sydney 11/04.
Ken Woods, 12/09.
Ken Woods 08/04 - originally listed as chlorophylla
Vic Przetocki 05/19
*In 1990's foliosa in Australia was wrongly labelled as chlorophylla. Check your collection.
The main difference is the length of scape bracts.
Chris Larson 09/17 Left=chlorophylla Right=foliosa (2 forms)
Greg Jones 09/17
Chris Larson ... "T. chlorophylla on the left. A nice red leaved form recently imported from Guatemala. Any plants with T. chlorophylla on the tag should be checked against foliosa.
You will note that ken Woods’ photo on Bromeliads in Australia was originally listed as foliosa – in fact mine were all mis-labelled as such many years ago.
2nd picture - T. chlorophylla on the left and 2 different forms of T. foliosa with varying bract colour on right. There are also other colours, and one with red leaves.
The difference between these 2 species is easy to tell with the length of the floral bracts."
Greg Jones ... "My T.foliosa's are flowering also. the red one on the right came from Chris and the other colour form came from Wardell many years ago."
Chris Larson ... "The one from me is ex-Peter Tristram with red in the foliage. Nice colour in the Wardell form – different as well."

Updated 27/07/19