Tillandsia fendleri
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Tillandsia fendleri
Ken Woods. Grown by Michael Feranczi.
Brom Soc Victoria Spring Show 2007.
Peter Tristram 04/14.
Peter Tristram ... "Like many supposedly monocarpic(no pups) Tillandsias, T. fendleri sometimes gives adventitious pups. This clone I call my pupping clone for obvious reasons. It was collected near Aguas Calientes down the hill from Machu Picchu along with some others that have all bloomed and died as far as I know. My oldest adventitious pups are also pupping. Clones and forms vary so much which is why I am always importing more of the same species BUT different clones/forms hopefully. This also is the only way of setting seed with many species too, assuming they simultaneously bloom."

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