Tillandsia durangensis
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Tillandsia durangensis
Ken Woods 12/04
Bruce Dunstan 09/13
Ray Clark 02/18
Peter Tristram 09/13. Ex. Michael Ferenczi.
Peter Tristram 09/13. Ex. Tropiflora.
From Peter Tristra...."Lovely specimen Bruce! There are reputed to be 2 basic forms of durangensis - your form with the white leaves, like in the description (that usually clumps up well!) and a red-leafed form that gives few pups and grows at lower altitude I gather. Soon I'll post pics of the related T. mazlatanensis. I hope your plant clumps, Bruce!

I have what appear to be the same plant from 2 sources - Michael F and Tropiflora. I think Michael collected his plant in the wild. These plants usually just replace themselves and have hard, red foliage that twists a little. Maybe they aren't really durangensis! The inflorescences are a little different."

Updated 25/03/18