Tillandsia dugesii
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Tillandsia dugesii
originally sold as T. mexicana
Peter Tristram 2013
Peter Tristram 05/17
Peter Tristram ... "The first 3 pics are one of the forms of T. dugesii I bought from Lydia some years ago, photographed in 2013, long dead. No seed germinated unfortunately. I forgot that I have another much larger and greener plant that bloomed in2015/16 that I’ll post soon, which is also labelled dugesii and is producing proper pups. T. dugesii used to be available in the US trade as T. mexicana for one, so would have been in many collections. I guess they’d all be dead now. I wonder if anyone got viable seed?
There are hybrids of these species floating around but the actual species are being lost in cultivation. George’s talk, at Sunnybroms and on Sunday, is pertinent about the pressing need to propagate species, not just in botanical gardens."
Peter Tristram ... "The 4th pic. is of the ‘dugesii’ that is currently pupping proper pups. It has foliage more like the calothyrsus but with more substantial branches. You have to imagine the spike staying erect unless well fed or chasing the light. Maybe it’s closer to T. ventanensis albeit with elongating spikes. Lots of Mexican Tills are a puzzle!"

Updated 21/06/17