Tillandsia disticha
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Tillandsia disticha
Species. Ecuador.
Green form. Ken Woods 10/04.
Peter Tristram 01/12.
George Nieuwenhoven 12/16
Peter Tristram ... "Do you check your Till flowers for fragrance? In fact many broms have fragrant flowers, sometimes only at certain times of the day too. This form of T. disticha, from Knize, surprised me by being delicately scented in the morning, a fragrance worthy of a cultivar label! It is a form of this species that had turned up in most of my more recent Knize shipments but has only once survived the dreaded gas. Up to 80% of his shipments generally died. :-( "
George Nieuwenhoven ... "has been doing it's thing for a while, one would hardly grow it for the beautiful flowers but it is interesting anyway, it produces a new pup on a short stolon."

Updated 05/01/17