Tillandsia diaguitensis
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Tillandsia diaguitensis
Photo Renate Ehlers.
Ian Hook, Sydney 05/08.
Ken Woods 01/11.
Peter Tristram 01/12.
Derek Butcher 01/13.
Derek Butcher ... "I have never flowered this species before and I present the 'often flowering' form I got from a local member Maureen Hick in 2003. I never believed her claim because I never saw the plant in flower and she never took photos. This oft flowering form has just flowered after 9 years. It has a 50% scented rating. I smell nothing but She who must be obeyed, said it had the strong scent of a ripe lemon and I felt I had just sucked one!"
George Nieuwenhoven 01/17
George Nieuwenhoven ... "It has taken me several years but at last T. diaguitensis has flowered. It was worth waiting for, the plant is almost indestructible, but this form at least flowers occasionally, the other "non-flowering" form I have put in a spot where I don't water it and so far has survived quite well on natural rainfall only, in Adelaide, a testament to it's survival genes no doubt."

Updated 15/04/17