Tillandsia crocata
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Tillandsia crocata
(Note. T. crocata var. tristis has been moved to T. caliginosa.)
Ken Woods 08/04.
David Sheumack 05/06.
Stephen Haines 08/13.
Stephen Haines .... "T. crocata orange, beautiful colour, heavy fragrance that wafts thru the air."
Peter Tristram .... "There are oranges and oranges, Steve. The Germans sell the original one and RFI sells a nice, usually orange, hybrid often called Copper Penny. I bought some from Paul in 2010 and not all flowered ‘copper’ but all are larger than the normal yellow crocata and look more like 'Rutschmann' Orange. The RO in the photo was obtained in Germany (and also got 1 from UD initially). It flowers for many many months too."
Derek Butcher .... "Stephen, as Peter says, there are oranges and oranges. First there are true species like 'Rutschmann' - also found in Rio Grande do Sul AND UNREGISTERED hybrids from Holm in Germany AND now it seems Copper Penny from Paul Isley. Depends if you like a pedigree or not."

Tillandsia crocata "distichous"
Peter Tristram 11/12... "I took some pics the other day of a crocata that is a little different to the usual ones that I got from Burkhard - very tightly distichous, that he called... 'distichous'.

Updated 09/05/19