Tillandsia cotagaitensis
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Tillandsia cotagaitensis
See DI02/14: A Key to Tillandsia subgroup diaphoranthema.
Ian Hook 07/11
Ray Clark 01/15
Ray Clark 09/18
Derek Butcher aff. cotagaitensis ex. Walter Till WT42
Ray Clark ... "from Derek Butcher a while ago, from my notes its possible that its origins may go back to Walter Til, (WT42)?"
From FCBS .... "There are several groups within Tillandsia and some may be raised to generic status.
One of these groups contains the very small Tillandsias and are called Diaphoranthema, with the world authority being Dr Walter Till.
Dr. Till does most of his publishing in the German Journal 'Die Bromelie'. His main paper on Diaphoranthema is in Selbyana 13; 88-94 1992.
The 1st group proposed in Diaphoranthema is the CALIGINOSA Group.
This group includes T. caliginosa, cotagaitensis, porongoensis, and tenebra."
Derek Butcher (in reply to Eric Gouda) ... "Eric: Vegetatively your plant looks like T. cotagaitensis. As far as I am aware we are only growing WT42 which came in via Walter in 1994. Ours has very dark petals as per description.
Could your plant be linked to the 'rarely ochre' mentioned in the description?
One thing I did ask Walter was how do you know when collecting Diaphoranthema if a clump is a grex clump or the same clone by way of offsets."

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