Tillandsia copanensis
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Tillandsia copanensis
Chris Larson 10/12. Ex-Birdrock tropical in 2008.
Peter Tristram 01/15. Ex-Birdrock tropical in 2008.
Peter Tristram ... "This is another species that could certainly make attractive and interesting hybrids, big'uns too! It has a large, bulbous leaf sheaths, dark, semi-succulent leaves and a monster spike.
Mix it with seleriana, bulbosa, streptophylla and the like too! I have a few clones of it now too, with variation in the primary bracts from red to pink very noticeable. The one in the pics is from Pam (BRT) many moons ago and grown a bit soft. I have just bloomed a couple of clones from Germany and they had thinner and longer branches and were more pink (not photographed it seems). I still have a couple from other sources to bloom but I am growing them much harder so they might not bloom for a while. Every blooming some pods set, probably hybrids pollinated by the local wildlife, but I have never sown any unfortunately.

Updated 31/01/15