Tillandsia coinaensis
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Tillandsia coinaensis
Species, Ecuador.
See also - notes attached to T. confinis.
David Sheumack. Originaly as T. confertiflora.
Note: from Derek Butcher...
"Tillandsia ‘Silver Coin’ would have been named by Derek Butcher in March 2011 for a plant imported to Australia from BirdRock, Cal, USA in the 1990’s as either T. coinaensis or T. confertiflora.
The plant does not seem to correspond to either species having a large inflorescence that is hanging. This tendency to hang may be caused by growing the plant out of bright sunlight or a much lower altitude. Investigation as to identity continues. Apparently the BirdRock plant was identified as T. coinaensis by Harry Luther so leave as is.

Updated 02/06/12