Tillandsia chlorophylla
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Tillandsia chlorophylla
Ken Woods 08/04 - actually foliosa.*
Ken Woods 08/04.
Peter Tristram 11/15 'mini' form.
* In 1990's foliosa in Australia was wrongly labelled as chlorophylla. Check your collection.
The main difference is the length of scape bracts.

Peter Tristram 12/13.
Stephen Hains 11/15 - as variabilis *
* Stephen Haines 10/11/15. "Sourced from Peter Tristram. From Gruber in Colombia as T. variabilis"
Eric Gouda 11/11/15. "No, not variabilis, which is not that nicely coloured and only few spiked with longer spikes."
Peter Tristram 11/11/15. "The Gruber plant .... I have bloomed quite a few now and they vary a lot (Franz called them variablilis!). They seem a lot closer to chlorophylla, as Eric said, but some have long branches like variabilis. He said they are from Colombia but I think he got them from Guatemala. Iíll look for photos Iíve taken. Above is a nice mini chlorophylla that I got in Germany a few years back.

Updated 01/12/15