Tillandsia chapeuensis
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Tillandsia chapeuensis
Peter Tristram 10/12. Bird Rock Tropicals.
Peter Tristram 10/12. Heidelberg BG.
Peter Tristram..."The red flowered Brazilians are hard to beat! These are the 2 forms of chapeuensis, from Bird Rock Tropicals and Heidelberg BG, that I posted before but photographed in isolation. There are interesting differences such as flower shape, branching and foliage shape but I suppose this species has a wide habitat so variation is to be expected."

Peter Tristram 05/14.
Peter Tristram ... "At last I have bloomed the so-called ‘large’ form of T. chapeuensis, this baby from Germany. It is occasionally available in the US too and I have another clone ex Bob H (muchas gracias!) and one from RFI. I just wish 2 clones would bloom for seed, though there are a few other rather lovely species in bloom to cross it with at the moment. It is pretty big too, at least twice the width of a good gardneri, strangely this one being the smallest of my specimens. T. chapeuensis seems to be a fairly variable species complex centred in Bahia (Morro de Chapeu), all that I have seen being highly ornamental."
Updated 26/09/14