Tillandsia cardenasii
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Tillandsia cardenasii
Bruce Dunstan 01/14
Greg Aizlewood 11/15
Chris Larson 06/17
Chris Larson ... "T. cardenasii EB951305, Rio Chico, Bolivia. Renate’s plant is different from other forms I have. Leaves are broader and more silver. The plant is larger & leaves are not as stiff. Great colour and longer petals. (But I like the smaller forms, too.) For us in the south, this species is very easy to grow."
Peter Tristram ... "I asked for a pup of the compressa too! Good to know one of the 2 that I purchased is the real deal as the one I got bloomed is a small fasciculata-ish type. Maybe there’s another somewhere incorrectly labelled! Lol. Anyone with ‘fasciculata Alec’ has compressa collected in Jamaica by Alec Campbell."

Updated 26/06/17