Tillandsia bulbosa forma alba
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Tillandsia bulbosa forma alba
Ron Jell 08/16. BSQ meeting as 'Hiro'.
Peter Tristram 08/16
See T. bulbosa for descriptions. Be aware that T. 'Hiro' is not a registered name.
Peter Tristram ... I got my stock from Chester via Eloise, and the story of its discovery is in the BSI Journal. I prefer to keep the comment 'Hiro' with the label as a pointer to it's provenance.
Peter Tristram 09/20
Peter Tristram ... "The flowers are quite white with a purplish tinge. The plant was described as forma alba by Hiro with an article in the BSI Journal. I have been chastised for giving it the cultivar name, 'Hiro', though Hiro himself and his co-discoverer, Chester, like that idea! Is there a formal reason that a described plant cannot receive a cultivar name? I know Derek Butcher believes this and probably Geoff Lawn too but I would like to know what others know and finalise this discussion! The plant was introduced into the US from Skotak and is sold by Tropiflora and others now."
Derek Butcher ... "Great plant but confusion about the name which is T. bulbosa forma alba. A plant named under the ICN rules always has precedence over a cultivar name making 'Hiro' redundant."

Updated 20/10/20