Tillandsia brachyphylla
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Tillandsia brachyphylla
Peter Tristram 06/11.
Peter Tristram 05/12.
Peter Tristram 06/11..."After 30 years I think I finally have found one of my assortment of little red Brazilians is almost certainly T. brachyphylla. It is really quite a different plant to all of the others with a very branched spike and very different leaves. In the hope of finding another (???) Iíll freeze some pollen as it wonít self for sure.

Peter Tristram 07/14
Peter Tristram 09/17
Peter Tristram 07/14 ... "The plants pictured will need to be seed grown before they can become more available. Unfortunately the brachyphylla is flowering alone so will have to be hybridised I guess.
I used to wonder why extremely rare species like brachyphylla, which only grows on a couple of inselbergs in Rio (like sucrei I gather), was not on CITES.
Mind you, you need to be Spiderman to collect it, up Pedra da Gavea."
Peter Tristram 09/17 ... "In 2011 and 2012, I was privileged to get a few clones of T. brachyphylla before the restrictions were enforced. Thankfully these two have coincided with blooming and hopefully some seed will be set. Seed is the only way many of these Brazilian rarities will ever become available. Itís a very attractive but ever so slow growing species, related to easily propagated species such as T. gardneri, geminiflora, kautskyi and sprengeliana. The last attempt resulted in no seed unfortunately. I will, however, use lots of pollen with other lovely Tills."

Updated 06/10/17