Tillandsia bermejoensis
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Tillandsia bermejoensis
Ken Woods 03/08.
Bob Hudson, Cairns 01/10.
Len Colgan 03/13.
(Len Colgan.... "fairly common in Australia and Germany but quite rare in USA.")

Bruce Dunstan 2012.
Bruce Dunstan 12/14 same plant 12 months later.
Chris Larson 01/16 ex. Holm
Chris Larson ... "A beautiful plant. Clumps easily & a lovely flower - and seems to love the treatment you are giving it.
Just a little aside, I got the other clone from Derek at the last TPE in the auction. We were having a discussion about this clone being a little more difficult to grow – and I seem to remember that the words may have been cold sensitive - than the one in Bruce’s photo.
I inadvertently left it out during the past winter – in fact since the TPE. It hasn’t missed a beat on the east face of my shed. The only protection from the rain it has is the gutter above it – so it gets a fair amount of cold Melbourne rain in the winter. A lovely species whichever clone."

Steve Molnar 01/18
Bruce Dunstan 12/18
Bruce Dunstan ... "First flowering of the larger clone for me. I love the bright spikes of the smaller one. It grows like a weed for me. I had roots from a plant above almost parasitizing one below with its huge root system getting into the leaf sheaths and wrapping around the smaller plant searching out more moisture."
Ray Clark 03/19 bigger, ex. Butcher
Ray Clark 03/19 smaller, ex. Larson
Ray Clark ... "Something else to make you think a little. The first of these two plants came from Derek Butcher several years ago and the smaller plant came from Chris Larson a few years before that. Reading info on the DVD it seems that there is a reasonable degree of variation, whilst both fit the description. The plant from Derek is bigger with paler coloured flower spike and the plant from Chris is somewhat smaller and the flower spike is much more lacquer red in colour, (deeper and more intense)."
Chris Larson ... "They are both beautiful plants. The large one having very brittle leaves sort of like ixioides, and the small having soft leaves. I find the large one to be a touch cold tender here – where the small one is tough."
Dale Dixon 01/20
Dale Dixon ... "This little Bolivian species flowers for me every year. I have three in flower this year. It seems to be a fast grower and an amazingly prolific clumper. I love the white/red contrast of petals to bracts."

Updated 19/06/20