Tillandsia bermejoensis
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Tillandsia bermejoensis
Ken Woods 03/08.
Bob Hudson, Cairns 01/10.
Len Colgan 03/13.
(Len Colgan.... "fairly common in Australia and Germany but quite rare in USA.")

Bruce Dunstan 2012.
Bruce Dunstan 12/14 same plant 12 months later.
Chris Larson 01/16 ex. Holm
Chris Larson ... "A beautiful plant. Clumps easily & a lovely flower - and seems to love the treatment you are giving it.
Just a little aside, I got the other clone from Derek at the last TPE in the auction. We were having a discussion about this clone being a little more difficult to grow – and I seem to remember that the words may have been cold sensitive - than the one in Bruce’s photo.
I inadvertently left it out during the past winter – in fact since the TPE. It hasn’t missed a beat on the east face of my shed. The only protection from the rain it has is the gutter above it – so it gets a fair amount of cold Melbourne rain in the winter. A lovely species whichever clone."

Steve Molnar 01/18
Bruce Dunstan 12/18
Bruce Dunstan ... "First flowering of the larger clone for me. I love the bright spikes of the smaller one. It grows like a weed for me. I had roots from a plant above almost parasitizing one below with its huge root system getting into the leaf sheaths and wrapping around the smaller plant searching out more moisture."

Updated 11/04/19