Tillandsia barclayana
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Tillandsia barclayana
Formerly Vriesea
Peter Tristram 08/15.
Peter Tristram ... "Terrific to see this TV in the wild. I have obtained a few forms of this species that vary considerably in plant and inflorescence size. I am not referring to the distinctive var minor form.
The plant in these photos came from Tropiflora years ago and was likely collected in Ecuador originally. It is certainly different to another form I have with a very long spike but I havenít taken photos of it yet.
Unfortunately the US plants rarely have provenance."

Bruce Dunstan 10/16
Peter Tristram ... "I struggle to grow this outside when the rains come but it is fine somewhere more protected. If it's from me it'll be from Tropiflora's old Ecuador/Peru collections. I did a photo shoot a few yrs ago.
The var minor is the relatively common one, in many collections. It blooms and pups well, whereas straight barclayana is a more reluctant bloomer and gives fewer pups. I have quite a few clones of straight barclayana with inflorescences varying considerably in length."
Steve Molnar 12/17

Updated 03/03/18