Tillandsia arequitae
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Tillandsia arequitae
formerly T. xiphioides var. arequitae
David Sheumack 11/11.
Peter Tristram 05/12.
David Sheumack - "Not so common, finally come into bloom. Beautiful scent.....somewhat like freesias."
Peter Tristram - "This is a large form from Europe. The small form pups better."

Peter Tristram 09/13.
Len Colgan, from an old slide.
Peter Tristram - "The only hope of this species ever becoming more common is to grow it from seed as it is very slow and gives few pups when mature. The seedlings do adventitiously pup, though, like many of the Andean species Chris and I have some from Holm (assuming they are true), but they are still small. Unfortunately I have never bloomed 2 clones together."
Len Colgan - "From my old slides taken more than 20 years ago. The stem of the inflorescence and the bracts seem greener and plumper, while the pollen is most conspicuous. Mind you, the yellow shading around the throat of each flower in your close-up does indicate a quantity of pollen also.
My remaining plants of this species do still look like this, while the plants themselves seem a little greyer and more succulent. But it remains one of my favourite tillandsias."
Peter Tristram 10/14
George Nieuwenhoven 11/15

Updated 17/02/17