Tillandsia araujei
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Tillandsia araujei

Ian Hook, Sydney 11/02.
Ken Woods. Probably a hybrid. 08/04
Chris Larson 05/18 Giant form
Ken Woods 02/09.
Ken Woods 05/11.
Peter Tristram 04/12. From Germany.
Bruce Dunstan 03/18 T. sp. aff. araujei Selby
Bruce Dunstan ... "First flowering for me of this plant. Peter Tristram told me he got it from Harry Luther. The foliage is quite distinct and reminds me a little of T. burle-marxii more than the other forms of T. araujei I grow."
Justin Lee ... "Nice little plant, Bruce."
Peter Tristram ... "I am sure this ‘nice little plant’, as Justin accurately commented, has a species name now. I got it from HEL ages ago. It is like a giant araujei, with leaves like armour plating, though I haven’t compared it to the description – next blooming! There’s a photo in the dvd - Taraujei MSBG1986-0084A. I wonder if it’s this plant?"

Updated 07/09/18