Tillandsia andrieuxii
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Tillandsia andrieuxii
Species, Mexico.
Chris Larson 10/12.
Chris Larson..."One of the groups of plants I think we would all like to grow, and have difficulty with, is the macdougallii andrieuxii group.
Back in the old days I used to grow andrieuxii quite successfully & flowered it many times. But they all looked very similar to Len’s plant on the disc.
That is they had fewer leaves than this plant. & the spike was quite a lot longer & thinner.
I am not sure of the origins of this plant except that I imported it from Europe last year. My computer paperwork doesn’t show that detail – must search the other files.
If anyone has the other form that was around years ago, and wants to trade pups, please tell me."

Updated 24/03/13