Tillandsia albertiana X roseiflora

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Tillandsia albertiana X roseiflora
10/14, not yet registered. Called T. Kardinal by Holm, but later registered as 'Holm's Alberose'.
Ron Jell 09/14
Peter Tristram 09/14
Ron Jell ... "I have just flowered this hybrid for the first time. I can't find any record of it on the BCR.
I bought it from Peter Tristram in March 2013 as a Holm hybrid "
Peter Tristram ... "Herr Holm and I are in the poop again. It's one I have imported a couple of times and quite an unusual cross. I have asked Burkhard (and Andreas Boeker) about naming his hybrids with limited success and the only namings I have ever seen listed are: albertiana X roseiflora - T. Kardinal, the nice edithae x albertiana cross he called Margarite, caput-medusae x flabellata - 'Papas Liebling', and the little sucrei x globosa named Mein Ideal.
None are registered because I never received any more info so I procrastinated on the matter of the Holm hybrids.
Perhaps it would be advantageous if I compiled a list that I have imported and survived and go from there?"

Updated 21/10/16