Tillandsia Zacapa
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Tillandsia Zacapa
Mature rosette to 30cm diameter. First described as T. brachycaulos var. multiflora, but later thought to be a natural hybrid of T. brachycaulos x caput-medusae. Uncertain status so better treated as a cultivar. Named after the eastern Guatemalan city of Zacapa, near where it was originally collected. Reg. Doc. 4/2013 by Dennis Cathcart.
Derek Butcher 05/13
Chris Larson 07/18 as caput-medusae X brachycaulos

Derek Butcher 06/05/13 ... "I was also having correspondence with Dennis Cathcart on a plant collected many years ago in Guatemala which Harry Luther felt was brachycaulos x caput-medusae. Here was a plant that is very close to the specimen at the Field herbarium of T. brachycaulos var multiflora. I convinced Dennis that an apt name for his cultivar could be 'Zacapa' to link it to the herbarium specimen."

John Olsen 7/05/13 ... "Attached is a photo of both concolor x brachycaulos and brachycaulos x caput-medusae. To my view the caput hybrid is close enough to now become Zacapa. My supplier had Costa Rica not Guatemala as the collection area."

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