Tillandsia x rectifolia
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Tillandsia x rectifolia
cv. of schiedeana X ionantha.
A naturally occurring hybrid from Mexico and Central America.
Ken Woods.
Jack Staub, Frasier.
Peter Tristram.
From Derek Butcher's Talk at Cairns 2008....
"This was first named as a man-made hybrid by R. Frasier in Florida in 1979 as ‘Jack Staub’ 21 by crossing schiedeana with ionantha. At about the same time Wiley from California was describing a plant called T. rectifolia. 22. In 1989 Harry Luther treated this taxon as a natural hybrid. So you may come across this plant under the formula or ‘Jack Staub’ or T. xrectifolia. If you have the plant under formula I would suggest that the number of plants that did come out of Mexico will swamp the few that Frasier got and should be called T. xrectifolia!"
See DD1008. Natural Hybrid Talk for more details.

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