Tillandsia Wondai
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Tillandsia Wondai
tenuifolia x recurvifolia, by M.Paterson.
From BCR ... "Mature rosette to 12cm. diameter."
Note: the order of crossing listed on BCR, and above, may have been reversed.
'Wondai' sold by M. Paterson are labelled as recurvifolia x tenuifolia blue.
The reverse cross is T. 'Gildora'
Ray Clark 09/15 (possibly T. Gildora)
Justin Lee 09/19
Justin Lee ... "Tillandsia 'Wondai' one of Margaret Paterson's hybrids flowering today."
Geoff Lawn ... "What do you make of the 2 different petal colours of T. Wondai on the BCR entry photos ? Lighter shade by Ray Clark --should this be the grex sibling = T. 'Gildora ? ' (no BCR photo, but pictured in Paterson Till Book 2, page 38)?
The dark purple flowered specimen photo by Bill Paterson of T. 'Wondai' would be correct , as it's also printed on page 40 of Paterson's Till Book 2.
I was going to add this image by Justin Lee and noticed the differences in the BCR photos. See: http://registry.bsi.org/index.php?fields=Name&id=13667&search=Wondai"
Justin Lee ... "I've kept the original label that came with the plant that came from Margaret. It states that the cross for my plant is recurvifolia x tenuifolia blue. Looking in the back of the book at hybrid information section it says T. Gildora is tenuifolia x recurvifolia, I think you're on the money- Ray's plant seems to be closer to 'Gildora' than 'Wondai'. Sorry Ray."

Updated 20/09/19