Tillandsia Victoria
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Tillandsia Victoria
cv. of ionantha X brachycaulos. Named to honor Victoria Padilla.
See Detective Derek 12/10 for more details.

Ken Woods, 02/08.
Andrew Flower*, 16/11/10.
* Andrew Flower: AB677 I got from the late Jean Young in 2003. She was one of the "old time" collectors who was around in the 1970's, and said she had it since those times. Flowering plant around 10cm.
AB717 is a great big fat thing that never flowers - it came from Len Trotman in the 1990's, and was likely to be a much more recent import from the USA.

Chris Butler*, 22/05/10.
Mark Supple**, 17/11/10.
Mulford B. Foster***, 1956.
* Chris Butler: Looking through the various sites and Derek’s 2009 disk, believe the attached photos to be T. Victoria or T. Victoria ‘Red Cap’. (Reply from Derek Butcher: "We know that 'Victoria' was imported years ago. We know that 'Victoria Red Cap' is a recent American hybrid. We also know that Olwen Ferris named a remake 'Richard Oeser' but we do not know who grows this or what it looks like. We know that Olwen's success rate with Tillandsia seed was very low so it may not have even survived."
** Mark Supple: Hi Derek. I have had this plant for some time. Got it from a Steven Clarke in Sydney. It is coming into flower again, this is from an earlier flowering, the plant size is 140mm high span of 140mm. (Reply from Derek Butcher: "You'll have to decide if you have a large 'Richard Oeser' or a small 'Victoria'"
*** Mulford B. Foster in Brom Soc Bull 6(1): 10. 1956. See Detective Derek 12/10 for more details.

Margaret Patterson*, 30/10/10.
Pam Koide.
See Detective Derek 12/10 for more details.
* Margaret Patterson: The largest growth here is about 30 cms high. I have had the plant for around 20 years. It came from Grace Goode with the name "Victoria large from New Zealand" on the label. It will colour a bit better in very strong light.
I have plants of all of the following; T. Victoria (Olwen Ferris). T. Victoria (Dr Oesser) these two are very similar. T. Victoria seedlings of a remake made by myself which are much larger than the first two but much smaller than T. Victoria large from New Zealand. I also have plants of brachycaulos hybrid A (from Olwen Ferris) which are different again.

Alan Phythian
Mulford Foster in BSI Journal ... "This new hybrid was made in March 1943; it matured and flowered for the first time in 1954. In all its characters it resembles a king- size T. ionantha and shows none of the features of its paternal plant T. brachycaulos, except that it has a slight trace of a scape, although it is not visible nor evident as in T. brachycaulos. In every other feature, however, it is just a giant sized T. ionantha."
Bob Hudson ... "It is an interesting Tillandsia, I have 3 forms of so called T. Victoria. The one that Grace Goode had is a very grey plant not at all green like the others."
Chris Larson ... "This is Alan's T. Victoria courtesy of Alan Phythian. Same one referred to in Bob's comment above as Grace's form."

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