Tillandsia Ty
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Tillandsia Ty
ehlersiana x bulbosa, Isley.

Chris Larson 09/14
Paul Isley, as registered.
Bruce Dunstan 11/18. Ty ? - probably not.

Chris Larson 09/14 ... "From the Isley stable. This one I got from a Queenslander. It is not as fat as my other clones that I imported directly from Paul. But nice all the same."
Bruce Dunstan 11/18 ... "First flowering for me of Tillandsia Ty. It looks quite different to Paulís image on the BCR but I guess growing conditions and nutrition will change appearances, or this may have been a remake of the cross."
Derek Butcher 09/14 ... "I too would ask questions of 'Ty'. The inflorescence seems too elongated for either parent. Perhaps one of our experts in guessing parentage may have a suggestion."
Pam Butler 09/14 ... "Sorry Bruce, I may be the source of confusion. I notice it has one of my name tags on it. This is a plant that I bought from Bob Hudson many years ago as a T. ehlersiana hybrid and posted to Till. experts when it first flowered and the discussion said T. ehlersiana x bulbosa hence T. Ty but it is quite different to the Tillandsia Ty I later bought from Paul Isley at the Cairns Conference. Hope this clears up the confusion."

Updated 04/11/18