Tillandsia Tooshi
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Tillandsia Tooshi
schiedeana x (schiedeana x juncea) Rolly Reilly, Brisbane.
34. 35. T. Tooshi
From Detective Derek schiedeana article DD0912 ....
"Its parents are said to be schiedeana x (schiedeana x juncea) in other words two schiedeana - Cough Cough – to one juncea. Even so the plant has more erect stiffer leaves than the quickly spreading horizontal leaves of what I think are ‘true’ T. schiedeana. Any doubts you may have are dispelled when you see the bicoloured petals! The parent (schiedeana x juncea) must have also been around but was never registered and could well have links with Maurice’s ‘Scurfy’. We are also talking about seed batches not offsets so you would expect variability.

Rob Bower 09/20 as Tooshi
Rob Bower 09/20 as juncea x schiedeana

Rob Bower ... "Two pics of Tooshi (from JO - parents being juncea x schiedeana) and also two of 'juncea x schiedeana' which has on its label that its natural hybrid. They are very similar but the flower spike of the 'natural hybrid' is not smooth like Tooshi. I am wondering if anyone knows about the natural hybrid - or is it just a remake of Tooshi?"
Chris Larson ... "Sort of right John. T. Tooshi is T. schiedeana x (T. schiedeana X juncifolia) by Rolly Reilly - so a man-made hybrid. I always thought it strange that the three way cross was registered with a cv name, but not the 2 way - possibly as this is a Nat Hyb"
Ed. ... "Bird Rock Tropicals is selling "juncea x schiedeana as a natural hybrid, TX057 from Costa Rica", this has now been captured in the BCR as T. 'Little Star'. Rolly Reilly's cross (Tooshi) was probably the natural hybrid crossed back onto schiedeana again. See Detective Derek schiedeana article DD0912"

Updated 09/10/20