Tillandsia Tina Parr
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Tillandsia Tina Parr
seleriana x ionantha by P.Isley.
See www.rainforestflora.com/hybrids/57.htm
Note, listed on above as reverse cross.
See also the BCR for an even greater range of differences.
Len Colgan. From Collectors Corner.
Cross repeated by Andrew Flower. First generation.
Steve Molnar 03/17 as T. seleriana x ionantha
Steve Molnar ... "I've had this one come into flower today and on the label is T. seleriana x ionantha. So looking that cross up brought me to the name of T.`Tina Parr'. It looks very similar to the picture shown on the BCR, but then I also looked up the reverse cross and some of those look similar too. Some times it is hard to get a clear distinction between some crosses as so many growing factors influence how the plants look. Anyway I'll add Tina Parr to the label unless someone else suggests otherwise."
Ed: ... The experts' advice to Steve was yes, but! This cross has been made more than once, without knowing it's provenance things can get tricky. Also - could it be a wrongly labelled reverse cross; the variability of the grex and how many were released; then cultural differences.

Updated 24/03/17