Tillandsia Tilly Delight
xiphioides X stricta

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Tillandsia Tilly Delight
Registered 06/12. xiphioides X stricta, P.Isley

Derek Butcher 06/12.
Peter Tristram 06/12.
Paul Isley.
Derek Butcher ..."I got this at Albury 2010 and it decided to do its deed in the winter. How common is it?
Does it need a name and registered if only to warn other budding hyridists not to try it again?"
Peter Tristram..."I didn't hybridize this one, BUT I do have a plant now, ex Rainforest Flora in 2010.
I wonder who else would have had RFI plants back then??!
I reckon our plants look very similar(ly uninteresting) and are more a novelty than a treasure!"
Chris Larson..."Collector's Corner imported this from PTI III in 2006. I think we got about 10 or 20. One time I flowered it, it got rosy bracts and looked OK - cultural or clonal?
Derek seemed to think he got it from Peter but it was probably me. Certainly nothing to write home about.

Updated 13/07/12