Tillandsia Sweet Isabel
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Tillandsia Sweet Isabel
tectorum x paleacea
plant caulescent, 15cm diam, purchased 2003 under formula and registered by Bill Timm.
Ian Hook 05/14
Steve Molnar 06/17
Cameron Kettle 09/18
Bob Hudson 02/21
Bob Hudson ... "T. Sweet Isobel (Paul Isley) nice pale pink petals. I bought this plant into Australia for Paul Isley for the Australian world conference."
Rob Bower 08/20. 1st plant 1,2,3.
Rob Bower 08/20. 2nd plant a,b,c.
Rob Bower ... "I have two 'Sweet Isabel's and the first flowered some time ago - see 1, 2 and 3 - and note the pure pale petal colours and the flower shape.
Next is A B and C which is very similar in form and the structure of the inflorescence. But the petals are quite different in colour and shape compared to the first plant.
Does anyone have ideas on this. Maybe one is a remake of the same cross - or does petal colour change sometimes according the conditions?"
Derek Butcher ... "Seeing Bill Timm's name raised interesting memories. Bill (the same as me) did not like formulas being given by hybriidists and spent lots of time chasing up the hybridist to find out the facts. In this case he could not find hm/her. We assume it is a grex with most plants being an offset.
We do not know the hybridist's technique and assume that the grex came from the same seed pod.
Bill used the one plant he got in the registration. Were there others? Your experience seems to suggest this has happened. I would suggest you continue to use 'Sweet Isabel' for plants which look like the registration photo or with slight difference in petal colour. What you do with those that have different shapes I leave to you!
I don't think it is a remake because the variations can be explained depending on the hybridist's technique."
Rob Bower ... "OK Derek, thanks - I'll use 1, 2 and 3 as the chosen Real 'Sweet Isabel'. I don't know Bill Timm but I did wonder who sweet Isabel was."
Chris Larson ... "I think Grant got a few of these from Isley at the WBC in Cairns. I remember seeing PTI's table - and I did buy one there.
Peter Tristram & I got a few different clones from Isley in 2012?. They had differences in foliage/size. I wouldn't be surprised if the flowers were different as well - though I've never compared them."
Pam Butler ... "I also have x2 different forms. The first came from RFI in Cairns WBC and the second from Neville Ryan. They are also quite different in form."
... "Looks like Derek's grex comment was right?"

Updated 26/02/21